Discover Italy’s Petit Village, Whose Focaccia Ranks Amongst the World’s Finest Dishes!

A Small Village in Italy, Camogli, Is Known for Its Delicious Focaccia

If you have ever been to Italy or are planning to visit, the place is renowned for its mouth-watering food, especially the freshly baked slices of bread that smell so mouth-watering. But, did you know there’s a small village in Italy, Camogli, which is considered to be selling the best focaccia bread on the entire planet that you should definitely taste once in your lifetime? The food item is lightweight and pure because it is made with regional Stracchino cheese. So, if you still haven’t tried the focaccia from Camogli, it’s time to change that right away!

Where Is Camogli Located?

Where Is Camogli Located?

The village is located 40 minutes south of Genoa on the Golfo di Paradiso and is a captivating place that offers picturesque views that one shouldn’t miss. And, of course, the place is known for its world-renowned focaccia! The village’s charm gets overshadowed because it’s a small town nestled between the famous Cinque Terre and the shiny Portofino. But, the place is unbelievably beautiful, and as it’s not known to many people. Therefore, travelers there get a smaller crowd and quaint experiences.

Why Is Camogli’s Focaccia Famous?

Why Is Camogli’s Focaccia Famous?

Thanks to Revello Focacceria and Pasticceria, who have been selling delicious fresh focaccia since 1964, along with pizzas and sweets, the world knows what the authentic Italian flavor tastes like. Giacomo Revello started working at the bakery at a very young age, and when he got married later on to his wife Mina, that’s when their business started getting recognition. Since there were rules against the usage of bread at that time, Revello disguised bread as a dessert with sugar and eggs to keep their business going. That’s when he became the very first authentic focaccia and pastry shop on the Italian Riviera. And that’s how the world got introduced to such a delicious treat that will simply melt in your mouth!

SpaceX Takes a Four Passenger Cruise to Space

Remember the future that sci-fi movies interpreted? The one where families are vacationing in space? And we are moving around in a capsule air car – covering up miles of distance in a matter of seconds? And a robot army taking over the world? Well, it looks like the future is not very far. SpaceX is all set to launch four civilians for a three-day voyage to space. Elon Musk’s dream of ordinary people orbiting the cosmos is coming true – bringing him a step closer to establishing a colony on Mars.

A Trip to Space With Zero Astronauts on Board

Can you imagine a rocket is flying to space without any astronauts on board? SpaceX Dragon is all set to leave earth with zero astronauts on board coming Wednesday from Florida. The passengers are entirely dependent on the Dragon’s autonomous capabilities to navigate and return back safely. This trip is called Inspiration4. The trip will witness Jared Issacman – a technology billionaire, and three others orbiting space. This trip will be a testament to Musk’s vision that regular everyday people who are relatively fit can withstand the hardships of spaceflight. The crew’s health will be monitored to understand the impact of spaceflight.

More Than Just a Trip to Space

SpaceX Dragon’s voyage is more than just a trip for four to space. It also doubles as a charitable fundraiser for cancer research. It, at its core, is a promotional event – and will have its own Netflix documentary ahead of the launch. The quest is to make more and more people comfortable with the idea of taking a flight to space. If the flight is successful – it will be followed by similar take-offs over the next two years. Eventually, an era where taking a trip to space will be a routine is not far away. Titanic’s one of the most loved dialogues, Jack: where to miss? Rose: to the stars… will not be a far-fetched dream.