This Charming City Is a Hidden Gem in New York’s Finger Lakes Region

Watkins Glen

Located in the captivating Finger Lakes region, Watkins Glen is a true hidden gem. This picturesque small town blends together serene landscapes and idyllic villages. This charming town is a perfect getaway to experience na̧tural marvels as well as to indulge in pleasures.

The Harmony of Natural and Culinary Delights

Situated along Seneca Lake’s southern shores, Watkins Glen is full of scenic attractions. The highlight is the captivating Watkins Glen State Park, which boasts a total of 19 waterfalls cascading through a winding gorge.

The Canvas of Diverse Adventures

The Canvas of Diverse Adventures

Watkins Glen emanates a magnetic appeal with its captivating natural splendor enveloping the Finger Lakes region. Watkins Glen State Park serves as a haven of activities, featuring diverse offerings such as an Olympic-sized pool, guided summer gorge tours, camping facilities, etc. The Seneca Lake adds to the allure, extending an invitation for fishing and leisurely swims. Watkins Glen Beach and Sampson State Park Beach provide serene lakeside escapes. Speed enthusiasts can indulge their passion at Watkins Glen International, a historic automobile race track.

The Heartwarming Tight-Knit Community

The tight-knit community of owners in Watkins Glen fosters a heartwarming ambiance that adds to the special charm of the town. Bruce Murray, a resident there, highlights the genuine care of the community that’s evident as owners create an atmosphere of camaraderie. This essence of togetherness infuses the Finger Lakes region, setting the stage for a lifestyle of dedication and memorable experiences.

Serene Retreats Catering to Every Need

Watkins Glen in the Finger Lake region offers a range of accommodations. Recipient of the esteemed 2022 Global Vision Award, Farm Sanctuary invites guests to immerse themselves in an ethical farm stay encounter, housed within thoughtfully restored cabins and charming tiny houses.